Home Design Review is an expert service dedicated to the review of home designs in order to make our Clients aware of the most significant potential issues.

Since there is no such thing as a ‘Perfectly Designed Home’, our Clients trust Home Design Review to point out the compromises made in their home design, which then reduces the risk of any nasty surprises once they move into their home.

Our Clients depend on Home Design Review to review the design plans of their new dream homes, including chalets, cottages, and boathouses – new build and additions / renovations.

We also provide our select Realtor Clients with valuable reviews of existing home designs.

Home Design Review takes great pride in each and every one of our reviews, always aiming to provide our Clients with an expert Home Design Review service that surpasses their expectations.

The Frost Family launched Home Design Review in 2017.

David Frost received a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Civil Engineering from University of Toronto in 1983.

As a Consulting Engineer, David Frost has provided an expert Home Design Review service for more than 8,000 clients since 1994.